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The original ‘Waterface’ (水臉) was Aiwei’s writing written back in 2010. It is using water as a metaphor to describe a (familiar) face which cannot be remembered, as the water changed its shape in every different container.


水臉 (I)

你的臉像水一樣, 每次我見到你的時候,看來都不一樣。但水還是水啊,即使波動多大,但恢復平靜之後,水依然是水。但是我想說的是, 這之後和之前的水是一樣的嗎?變化再大,也許我們看不出來,但我卻看得出來噢,因為我就是裝著這水的容器。

水臉 (II)


水臉 (II)


The English translation of ‘Waterface’ is not available yet. However, the google translated versions of the writings can be found below:

Waterface (I)

Your face like water, every time I see you, it seems not the same. But the water is still water, ah, even fluctuate much, but after restore calm, the water is still water. But I want to say is that this water before and after is the same? Another big change, maybe we can not see, but I could see Oh, because I was filled with this water containers.

Waterface (II)

Your face like water, it is an indisputable fact. I was filled with this water containers do? During the day this is water, but at night is another looks the same water. In daylight your eyes hidden behind huge lenses, sun lenses some reflection back of the eye has been rubbed out of the eyes perennial line. At night, you seem to have been irregular teeth crooked row of keys.

Waterface (III)

Water face began gradually to be fixed down, although they are still like before said, but I have to remember the face of the various states of water varies.

Note: Thanks google translate for giving the writing a whole new dimension of interpretation.


from Unfinished Album, released May 26, 2013



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Hunter Jacquard Finland

Hunter Jacquard is a scandinasian duo making experimental pop in Helsinki, Finland.

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